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Brosby, Doctor X, Teddy Bear, Galactic President Superstar Mc Awesomeville, Jed Mosley, Teddy Boy, Sex Architect, Emsbry Postlethwaite, El Ganso Con la Riñonera, Lady Tedwina Slowsby, Universe Guy, Architect of Destruction, Pooh Bear, The Blitz Theodore Evelyn "Ted" Mosby (born April 25, 1978) is a one of the five main characters of How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Josh Radnor.

White girl dating chinese guy

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If the Academy handed out Oscars for most gorgeous couple in the business, I’m sure these two could nab a nomination!Could this gorgeous German supermodel and her handsome boyfriend Steven (a fashion photographer) make interracial dating between Asian men/non-Asian women a little more “en vogue”?You see, a White female is more masculine, rough and independent than a typical Asian female from Asia.

Even if White women deny this, it's still true and obvious from their ACTIONS and selection of mates.

There's clearly something wrong about us, something that we lack, in the eyes of the ladies. Rightly or wrongly, the perception is that male perfection is epitomised by Norse gods or Greek warriors. They are determined to let their wives stay home, whilst they be the sole bread-winner.

There are a couple damning stereotypical perceptions about us. Calculating and calculative - such are useful skills to improve one's business acumen, but less desirable when it comes to courtship. There's no short of excuse or occasion to buy gifts - birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, make-up-after-fight, break up, I- thought-of-you-when-I-was-passing-the-florist. It's somewhat true that Chinese men are cheap, in the sense that they are more prudent and restrained in gift-buying. I consider myself rather generous with gifts and treats.

Marriage between Caucasian men and Oriental women are commonplace, all over the world. Chinese chicks can get away with it, because there's always a huge market for petite chicks.

But how often do you see a Chinese dude getting lucky with a white chick? Even the ones born and bred in the West don't fare much better, and are easily upstaged by their peers of African or Hispanic descent. Our pool is depleted from home-grown fishes, and the fishes elsewhere aren't biting our bait. Whereas guys are meant to be big, strong and protective - so unless one is built like Bruce Lee, no girl will madly melt into your arms. A woman, driven by her maternal instincts, wants a good mate with good genes to obtain good offsprings. They don't go for broke in the early passionate years of courtship on diamond rings, and instead prefer to save money for meaningful things, like housing and kid's education.