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Weddings dating and love customs of cultures worldwide including royalty

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Exchange Marriage: This form of marriage involves a reciprocal exchange of spouses between two nations, groups, or tribes.

While in the UK or America men and women usually know when their stag do (or bachelor party) or hen party (bachelorette bash) is — or even plan part of it themselves — in Sweden they’ll often be caught completely unawares.Normally the other partner knows that this will happen and will lie to make sure that they are in the right place at the right time.“Often there’s the awkward situation of the bachelor and bachelorette party falling on the same day so they both have to fool each other.” Don’t be alarmed if the bride and groom kiss other people on their wedding day.In some cultures, the age is at or even before the onset of puberty.Many people who have been married in this way do grow to love and cherish their spouses after the marriage.Historically, arranged marriages between kings or clan leaders have been utilized to cement political alliances.