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This week, we’re going to makeover a small, dated bathroom to give the clean, modern look, but we don’t have an unlimited budget so we’re going to show you how to get the most from a few trips to the home center and a lot of elbow grease.Now a fairly typical older bathroom and very, very small.I would love to upgrade to a fancy glass shower and gorgeous marble countertops, but that's just plain unrealistic for us right now.In the meantime, I wanted to at least upgrade the space by using a few inexpensive diy tricks I have up my sleeve, most of which require paint!If your water pressure hasn’t improved, check the shut off valves (both cold and hot) for your shower to see if they're not open as fully as they could be.While we'd all probably like to replace our faucets, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow it.

Unfortunately bathrooms are also notoriously expensive to renovate.I'm so excited to finally be able to share all the DIY details with you!My way of working with a small budget is to focus on what I can change cheaply and make the best of what I have.Now beyond just the cosmetic aspects of this bathroom, we’re also going to improve the ventilation which is really in bad shape.We got a number or places where mildew is present because there’s just no ventilation at all.You can even replace tired old door knobs and give cabinet doors a quick coat of bathroom grade paint.