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There was even a photo that surfaced of the two kissing, and their fans were excitedly writing these two off as an item.
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Two narcissists dating each other

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If, however, she breaks up with him, and then dates a guy who loves the Giants, then she'll love the Giants.

But here's what makes her a borderline: she will actually believe the Giants are better.

If your romantic mate says, "it's me instead of you", read this post carefully.

He or she may be a narcissist, and thus incapable of healthy relating. One day he saw an image of himself reflected in a pool of water.

A relationship with a Narcissist has been compared to being on a roller coaster, with immense highs and immense lows.

They have been described as the proverbial Jekyll and Hyde, one way one minute, another the next.

The narcissist is trying to be something-- which already has a model. The borderline has a problem with identity only because other people in the world have stronger identities. Your boyfriend wants a different woman; so you do it. This si done mostly out of fear of abandonment: if you don't "be" the person they want, then they'll leave you, and then what?

Perhaps he thinks himself an artist type, or a tough guy, or the type interested in spiritualism, or like the guy in the Matrix. The borderline is no one: the borderline waits for the script to define her. (Borderlines don't end relationships-- they end relationships another relationship.) The narcissist creates an identity, then tries to force everyone else to buy into it.

So the pool, no pun intended here, from which you can choose is vast. The less lethal form is the classic narcissist, the person who needs to belittle you to bolster a fragile self-esteem.

We went back and forth about whether I would go with him or not.

Ultimately I said that I would, but I didn't feel like he was committed enough to the relationship so when he moved I said "let's not put the pressure of monogamy on our long distance relationship." I framed it like I didn't want to be devastated when he inevitably hooked up with someone but I knew I was prefacing my own future indiscretions so that I could later say "look we agreed to see other people."I was devastated by his leaving, and true to form I waited 3 days to hook up with someone else (I have never been one to suffer heartbreak alone when I could just ignore it).

So, I had a breakup recently, I will go into it in more detail in a moment, and it was suggested by my some of the people who know the individual that he was a narcissist.

So I went online and read about it a little and now I wonder if I might not be one also.