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The waxer noted that this is what most people think of when they picture a vagina, but it is not what most vaginas look like.

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Troi compliments Crusher on the eulogy, and the doctor asks about the mysterious man she saw throw the camellia on the coffin, describing him as mid 30s with longish hair.

Troi says she didn't see anyone that fits her description.

Maturin asks Picard how long he plans on staying, to which the captain replies it would only be a few hours, and inquires why.

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This gives you a chance to say something about what is troubling you and to ask any questions you might have about the process of therapy and about me and how I work.

As the colonists circle the grave and the gravediggers begin to bury her, a camellia is thrown to the coffin.

Crusher looks over and sees a mysterious man walking with the other colonists who stops and gives her one glance before leaving.

If you wish to, please email me with your contact details and good times to speak.

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