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This section also includes any relevant facts about dating, relationships, and marriage that I thought would be of interest to the dating industry.
Siamo qui in cerca di una coppia che possa con noi esplorare nuovi giochi e nuovi piaceri.

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However, consistent with current policy (applicable to all marriage-based benefits), VA may pursue further development if an assertion concerning a marriage appears unreliable, but will not treat assertions regarding same-sex marriages any differently than assertions regarding opposite-sex marriages.

A: For the purpose of assigning an effective date for a compensation or pension claim, if the claim was pending as of September 4, 2013 (the date on which the President directed VA to cease enforcement of statutory provisions defining spouse and surviving spouse as a person of the opposite sex), the effective date will be assigned as if the laws barring VA's recognition of same-sex marriage had never been in effect.

In some instances, this could mean an effective date as early as the date of marriage or as early as when VA received the claim.

For the purpose of assigning an effective date for a compensation or pension claim that was not pending as of September 4, 2013, provided that the claimant met all of the eligibility requirements for the benefit by that date, and the claim was received within the following year, VA generally will assign an effective date of September 4, 2013.

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I've spent the last 17 years of my life thinking about, reading about and writing about politics.

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Yes, the numbers have moved a bit over the past decade -- more people described themselves as "pro life" in 2014 than in 2005 -- but the numbers are within the survey's margin of error or very close to it. The lack of major movement on the death penalty and abortion are in keeping with the belief that on deeply-held and oftentimes very personal matters, public opinion moves slowly and is rarely affected by external events.

You'll find below a fat percentage chart for each of the sexes - in fact, these are the same charts that all our weight loss coaching clients get.

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And never in that almost two decades -- gulp -- have I seen a trend line like the one above.

The chart is taken from Gallup's 2015 "Values and Beliefs" poll, which was conducted earlier this month.