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Intimidating airsoft masks

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We have put these two iconic guns (Thompson machine gun and Colt 45) together for sale in a pack, ideal to buy for your next "Bugsy Malone" production.

So if you are planning on a new 1930's Gangster film, play, theatre production, murder mystery play or re-enactment get a set of these realistic looking guns for the correct look.

RAP4 is proud to present you the unique skull masks with the most durable construction and design.

These durable and light weight designer's masks are for use in Airsoft.

This is the first single mask and goggles combination product to effectively protect against any bb penetration since Dr.

Commercially available masks can be pricey, so if you're on a budget, you might be better off making the mask.

Reasonably priced mask made by TMC which you can get at Red Wolf Airsoft for US.50...

Expected to arrive at by January 2011, this mask should be scarier than the previous ones...

"Each Rlux Custom 'T800' mask is custom hand made to perfection.