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The cardinality of the column (the selectivity) determines whether an indexes will be faster than a parallel funn table scan.************************************************ Second, your hint syntax is incorrect and being ignored! You degree should be (cpu_count - 1) - What is parallel_index? Parallelism only works with full scan operations, see my notes here.To illustrate, consider the following SQL that gives a 10 percent raise to all employees who did not receive a bonus last year.To do this, we must execute a NOT IN anti-join against the bonus table.If we are on an Oracle server with lots of CPUs, we can add a parallel hint to the SQL update statement.[TABLE] is an Oracle database table with more than 700 million rows.First of all is it a one-time query or is it a recurrent query ?

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Finally, check for any redo issues during this update (log switches, redo log space waits).When you issue a DML statement such as an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE, Oracle applies a set of rules to determine whether that statement can be parallelized.For UPDATE and DELETE statements, the rules are identical. The decision to parallelize the INSERT operation is made independently from the decision to parallelize the SELECT operation.OPERATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS OBJECT_NAME POSITION ------------------------------ ---------------------------- ---------- UPDATE STATEMENT 1 UPDATE EMP 1 FILTER 1 TABLE ACCESS FULL EMP 1 TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID BONUS 2 INDEX RANGE SCAN BONUS_ENAME 1 As we expected, we see a full-table scan against the emp table, followed by an index range scan against the bonus table.As you recall from Chapter 16, the NOT IN anti-join is always serviced by a full-table scan against the outer table, and you have learned that a NOT IN subquery can often be replaced with an outer join and a where bonus IS NULL.Imagine having a set of tools, with no complicated settings, to simplify everyday tasks.