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Helping kids cope with dating after divorce

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Honestly, I thought that, too, until one of my male family members went through a divorce years ago. We all believe we're in the right by default, but are you? To clarify, this is one of the cruelest and most vicious ex-wife bully tactics.

Then it became painfully obvious that there are plenty of ex-wife bullies out there, too. Here are three tell-tale signs YOU are the mean one in your post-divorce relationship ... Obviously if your ex is a true threat to the safety of your children, the court should become involved in deciding what safe visitation entails. W., "77 percent of non-custodial fathers are NOT able to 'visit' their children, as ordered by the court, as a result of 'visitation interference' perpetuated by the custodial parent." FYI: that's YOU, Mom!

and But here's the thing, Mom: those potshots at your ex actually damage your children.

Those mean-spirited "in the moment," "no big deal" comments carry enormous short and long-term repercussions for kids.

The staff quickly helped support me in setting up proper... My ex wife and I have been divorced for over 9 years and I was told it would get easier. OFW allows the emotion to be taken out of the conflicts and you can treat the relationship like a...

Overcoming conflict is often easier said than done between two individuals who have divorced or separated.

If you start dating prematurely, you could be hurting — rather than honoring — those you date.

Sibling rivalry occurs naturally as children grow and can be a positive aspect of a child’s development, allowing them to work through disputes within the safety of their family unit.

The skills they learn by fighting through disagreements with their siblings can serve them...

The weeks leading up to heading back to school aren't always easy for both children and their parents alike.

Infidelity affects children in ways that may not always be apparent to the adults involved, especially if the affair leads to a divorce.

Keep reading to find out how children perceive the affair and how you can help them cope.