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"N" prefix: 1935 "S" prefix: 1935-36 "A" prefix: 1936-37* "C" prefix: 1938-40* "G" prefix: 1941-42 "G" suffix: 1943-47 V100-V7500: 1947 V7500-V15000: 1948 V15000-V25000: 1949 V25000-V35000: 1950 V35000-V38000: 1951 X100-X7000: 1951 X7000-X17000: 1952 X17000-X30000: 1953 X30000-X43000: 1954 X43000-X57000: 1955 X57000-X71000: 1956 X71000-X85000: 1957 X85000-X99000: 1958 T100-T5000: 1958 T5000-T25000: 1959 T25000-T50000: 1960 T50000-T75000: 1961 T75000-T90000: 1962 T90000-T99000: 1963 G5000-G15000: 1963 G15000-G40000: 1964 Starting with "1-": 1964-68 Starting with "2-": 1968 *"A" and "C" prefixes also occur in some pre-1936 serials.However, some of these plates and many of these stickers have disappeared over time.Can't be too much worse than yanking all those salmon out of the river with a flyrod, right-o?? My name is Gene Haugh And I have just joined the Forum. I took over the Sho-Bud Division in 1980 when it was moved to Conway Arkansas. Is the first digit #1 because it was 1971, and 001 because it was the first completed after they started keeping this record? Did the fist digit have anything at all to do with the date?

I have found the guitar bodies of Gretsches (specifically) to "feel" cheaper than the old ones, mostly because most models are being made out of lighter, less dense woods and because the electronics have not improved in use of the base materials that go into the production.The most effective way to date a Valco guitar or amp is by its serial number.From the 40s until 1964, the serial could be found stamped into a small metal plate that was tacked onto the back of the headstock or the back of the cabinet. Can't be too much worse than yanking all those salmon out of the river with a flyrod, right-o?? Does this imply that there is a list with shipping info and dates for Sho-Buds in the Gretsch period, akin to the ZB info Greg Jones has, or Reece's MSA log book? Like I explaned I took over the operation in Conway Ar. Oh come on Chris, everybody knows that you can hold a Professional in the case in one hand and a twin in the other--straight out for 10 minutes on a dare for a brewskey.I stand corrected on any of the above, but I believe I'm in the ballpark. I did not want anyone trying to date their guitar based on my speculations about the serial number.