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According to a person at one of the banks, the access also raises security concerns because the apps aren't required to adhere to the same standards as financial institutions.

Using Mint is a convenient way to view your account information without actually logging in to your Bank of America account.

JPMorgan Chase & Co and Capital One Financial Corp, for example, warn on their websites that customers could be liable for any fraud in their accounts - even though federal regulations say otherwise. However, the same warnings infuriated heavy Mint user Mark Ranta, head of digital payments at ACI Worldwide Inc, who says the banks are far more worried about competition from these aggregation sites than about electronic safety.

Capital One's site (here) tells users: "If you choose to share account access information with a third-party, Capital One is not liable for any resulting damages or losses." Chase (here) admonishes, "If you give out your user ID and password, you are putting your money at risk." The warnings were enough to cause Morris Armstrong, a registered investment adviser and enrolled agent in Danbury, Connecticut, to recently close his account with Mint.com, a so-called aggregator website and a division of Intuit Inc. "Mint makes it so I don't have to go to the individual bank sites," said Ranta.

To work, the programs need access to a user's account at each institution.

It's a drain on the lenders' networks as the number of startups offering these services has increased.